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What is the new upcoming phone in 2021?Xiaomi is about to bring a smartphone with an invisible camera - Nbc Bangla

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But no phone has yet seen an under-display camera. A few days ago ZTE said they would launch the Axon 20 5G on September 1st. According to the company, this phone will be the world's first smartphone with an under-display camera. This time, in a video shared by Shaomi, there is a hint of camera technology under the display. It became known on Twitter Xiaomi President Shou Zi Chew shared a video on his Twitter handle. 

This video shows a phone with under display camera technology. Shou tweeted, ‘We are proud enough to present new masterpieces created by our Xiaomi engineers; Third generation under display camera technology! Production of full-screen display phones could begin in large numbers next year. ” How does this technology work? Through several posters, Xiaomi reveals how their third-generation under-display camera technology works.

 According to the company, one in every four pixel displays was initially reserved for this technology, which affected the display's pixel density. By keeping three of the four pixels transparent, the company could reach more light in the selfie camera. This time the company reserves a portion of each pixel for display and the rest is transparent, so that the camera can work well with good pixel density as well.

 This phone may launch next year Xiaomi may launch this great technology smartphone next year i.e. early 2021. On the other hand, a closer look at the prototype seen in the video shows that it looks like a modified Mi 10 Ultra. It has no punch holes for selfies and the camera works from inside the display.

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