Check the three documents before purchasing the heir property or ancestral property

Check the three documents before purchasing the heir property or ancestral prope

Do not transact the purchase any property or statement without the following three documents.


1) First, heir certificate.

2) Second, the family distribution registration document

3) Third, Namjari Khatian. Then we have to look at some other issues.

For example, the seller is the owner of the formula, the previous owner of the formula in which the owner will check his copy of the ledger.

These three documents will not be in the possession of the jar, whether in his possession or in the family oral distribution, you will not purchase. 

Many people secretly sell the property in the name of the deceased father and mother without informing the other siblings and heirs. Some of them sell more than their share. 

There are some who sell the share of the heirs. There are some who sell shares of the family orally.

Oral sharing is not a document. Basic distribution has no value. There is no price for word of mouth. A man has been occupying the land shared verbally by the family for many years. 

The value of the land is much higher than other lands. No, my brother is saying, I don't believe in verbal sharing, I have to redistribute.

If they had registered the family distribution without verbal sharing, it would not have been lawful for the brother to have ever demanded it. So the distribution document is very important.

Heir certificate, distribution deed, registration document, jar, no heir can ever create a dispute over his property. The heir certificate proves that every heir owns the property. 

The distribution deed registration document proves that the distribution deed registration document is made with the consent of each heir. 

Again, it is necessary to see whether the certificate of inheritance is correct, whether the name of each heir is properly mentioned, whether the signature name and address of each heir is mentioned correctly in the distribution registration document.

Many people do not give their sister's share, they sell it, the person who buys Ginny is in danger. Because the buyer should have known from the seller in which source the seller owns the property, all those documents should have been seen.

 In case of ancestral property or in case of inherited property, certificate of inheritance before purchase, registered distribution deed, Namjari ledger. 

See these. If they purchase without seeing these, other heirs will be forced to give up the land if they file a complaint.

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