How the blade design is made and why Jenin - nbcbangla

Do you know the real secret of this blade design? How the blade design is made and why Jenin - nbcbangla

The tiny blade is one of the essentials in daily life. But have you noticed that the design of the blade is still unchanged today!
Why didn't this design of the blade change, and why was this design made? Surely the secret of keeping the same style from generation to generation is what you want to know? Let's take a look at the design of the blade and the secret to keeping it unchanged.

King Camp Gillette, the founder of the Gillette Company, and his colleague William Nixerson started a business in America in 1901 by designing a blade. The company first made 175 blades three years after its inception.

From then on there was no looking back. Screws and nut-bolts were used to fasten the razor handle with the blade after all the thought. Why did other companies imitate this style and design? The reason is known that at that time only Gillette made razors. So other organizations started walking the same path.

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