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By hot food we mean food like meat, fish, eggs etc. Never call hot tea, coffee, or hot rice hot food. In other words, hot food is food that is not easily digested, especially in summer, it is called hot food. Eating these foods makes the body hot, the stomach hot, that is, indigestion. It means that the body is warm, the body temperature rises, but it is not, but cold food means that the food that keeps the body cool, but not. Rather, it can be said that all foods are easily digested by themselves, they are also cold foods that help digest other foods. Judging by this, let's see how hot the eggs are.

Because eggs are number one in the list of hot foods. Let's see what is in an egg? The average weight of an egg is about 60 grams. It contains only 6 grams of protein and fat. So it is not a matter of digesting them. It also contains 30 mg of calcium, 1.75 mg of iron, 8 g of other minerals and 3 g of non-metallic substances, which contain all the other vitamins except vitamin C. There is about 35 grams of water. Cholesterol is about 600 mg and energy is about 60 calories.

Eggs contain all the six amino acids that are one of the components of protein for our body. In that sense, eggs are a nutritious food and easy to digest. That means eggs are not hot food. That's why the place of eggs in the diet of patients is tied together. In many houses, the entry of eggs is stopped due to various viral diseases including smallpox and measles. But at this time the body needs eggs for extra nutrition.

Despite the various qualities of the egg, why is there a slanderous alliance on his forehead? Because it is difficult to get good eggs in the market all the time. If the egg is kept above 8 সেন C for more than 12 hours, its nutritional value decreases. But in a tropical country like ours, the average temperature is always 30 to 40 degrees centigrade. Scatter of rotten eggs on the street or in hotel restaurants. Attempts are made to suppress their digestibility due to the quality of cooking. For that the outer egg is poisonous at the time. If you have to eat, you have to bring it home, wash it well and boil it. Raw or half-boiled eggs are not digested for various reasons.

Duck eggs contain a substance called ‘trypsin inhibitor’ which inhibits the action of a substance called trypsin in the digestive tract secreted from our pancreas. This trypsin again helps us digest proteins. Therefore, disturbances in digestion are inevitable. But after boiling for 6/710 minutes, the trypsin inhibitor is destroyed. Therefore, eggs should always be boiled and eaten. In addition, there is a risk of infection with raw eggs such as Salmonella, Sigella, etc., this risk increases in the summer.

Various disinfectant chemicals are used to produce more eggs and to keep poultry sterile. This can lead to damage. However, this is true not just of eggs, but of any food item.

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