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Hi, I am Jasica newwork. I am currently an Advanced Level member of a successful freelancing group. Although everyone's work has been stopped in the recent lockdown, our work has not stopped. It was not so easy to come here.

I started learning to work in March 2014 and I started earning income from June of the same year, although it was a little more than 6 thousand, but I did not stop working to learn more and at the end of the year in December it came to about 20 thousand rupees. But for that I thank my elder brother Rashed for teaching me very seriously, for which I have been able to come here today.

Now and then I see some online income group posts that make me smile, I have to say sorry, "online income is false, there is no money for this job, very low income, I don't get a job" and I see many other posts like this. But I also work. I can't. Understand how my income can be in that case.

When I learned to work, there weren't so many jobs online at the rate at which jobs are now available.

Web design and development
Online Marketer and Marketing
Digital Marketer and Marketing
Video Editing Intro, Outro, Promotional
With Forex

There are many more things to do, you can start your online journey by choosing one of them. If you go down the road, you can find the street, you can recognize Oli alley.

What to do in life, every day hundreds of people are unemployed, every year thousands of people are getting highly educated out of educational institutions but how many are getting jobs, jobs. So before passing, prepare yourself as self-reliant.

Remember that you have to give a little time to learn the job. Before that you have to choose the subject matter of the job. Take the advice of the line. If you can do these things, you do not have to run after success, success will call you. It is not a matter of hope, this is the right sentence. If you really want to build a career online, just follow it and take only two months and 60 days. What is right is wrong.

Before me, I had taught 100 new members in each batch in three batches and taught them the way of income and completely free of cost. However, not all of the 100 people were able to take advantage of the opportunity.

I am making the fourth group again. There will also be 100 people being trained for free. And in this group there will be three people from the first gazette of the previous three groups including me. If any of you want to join this group, message me in the inbox very quickly. It won't take long.

Those of you who will inbox will be asked some questions if you can give the correct answer, but will be taken to the group. If you have any information, please comment below this post. Join me to inbox.

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